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Holograms of Ecolonia
Hologram #8-21   2013   HD video scenes /photography

Holograms of Ecolonia
Hologram #1-7   2012   HD video scenes /photography

Turbulence   Turbulens

2012   video installation   HD   10 min   loop
The video Turbulence is a work that describe an experience of nature, excluding the human wish to dominate it. It perceive something hidden in the "more" of nature, beyond what we can see with bare eye. The video become a sort of an embodiment of beauty and intensity that is enigmatic, on the edge between reality and fiction.

Aside   Vid sidan av

2012   video   HD   3 min   loop   

Distorsion   Distorsion
2009   two channel video installation     10 min   loop

Undertow    Underströmmar
2008   video installation   10 min   loop
The video corresponds to our inner world of dreams and remembered images that
constantly is in motion and is changing. What is true and what is not true of all that
we register and experience?
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 [requirements: Quick Time Pro]

No beginning   Ingen början
2008   Seven drawings on fibre canvas
[Above: drawing 1 / 7]    watch the whole serie

Reflection of the day   Reflektion av dag
2008   Video installation   15 min in a loop
The video displays fifteen minutes of the moons reliable journey across a black sky. In its analogue course it watches over the breathing of a sleeping child.

Levanger Sessions – Recordings and Remixes
2007   Music video 4 min   
Collaboration between the DJ-project and children in Levanger Kulturskole. The children have made models of houses in the town of Levanger. The video is inspired by everyday life and the plot has been written for the inhabitants of the town; little plasticine figures made by the children.
The soundtrack was made in collaboration with Kristin Rønning, Levanger Barne- og Ungdomskorps and the drumming pupils of Harry Hansen.

Rest  Andas
2005  Video 1 min
The day as a timevariable has ceased to be important. The contact with the surroundings are decreasing. Each moment is to be.

Pineapple turns important  Ananas blir viktigt
2005  Video 10 min
Thoughts move freely in time and space. They dive and pirouette, they are entangled
and flux or strong and repetitive. In our memory the unimportant can be changed
into something important.