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Willenfelt, Johanna
Holograms of Ecolonia     
[Holograms of Ecolonia, Catalogue, 2012]

Borg, Bo  
Fem kvinnors konst stärker   
[NLT, Nov 9, 2011]

Noelani Müller Høye, Sara  
[Babel, May 29 – June 7, 2009]

Lønmo, Solveig   
Sterke kandidater  

[Adresseavisen 10.05.2008]

Olsson, Tommy  
All tomorrow´s Masters   
[Billedkunst, no 4, 24.06.2008]

Artist statement  
Recycling time    











I shape conditions or brief moments in people’s lives and emphasize circumstances that are easy to neglect or disregard. With my video camera I collect documentary material, scenes I put together into a film. Sometimes I take stills from a scene as a starting point for a series of paintings. I am searching for small movements or minor changes that occur within something durable and ongoing and that after a time progress in a cycle-like pattern. This means an ongoing time that always returns but each time in a slightly altered form. In this, time creates monotone movements that in it self creates a rhythm. A monotonous rhythm indicates the stillness of time. It provides a space of silence, a silence that can be used for thoughts and reflections.

I mostly employ video-film, and painting or drawing. In my films I create a space with a subjective camera and while painting I study the human face. In my work both techniques need each other – to work together with movement and time. In a painting I seek to find a concentration that simultaneously holds time that has passed and time that will come to pass and in that give movement to my painting. I often plan a series of paintings from stills from a film sequence. In the film, the rhythm is the basis of time. Similarly, my series of paintings creates a rhythm of time, in which the spaces in between the paintings also must be considered. In both media, I seek to generate the dramaturgy through the monotone rhythm. I also create a chronology that runs in a spiral-like cycle pattern. Each time it is expected to return to its starting point it reaches a new point instead, similar but different from its origin.

Carolina Jonsson